Under the Sea: hand puppets

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underwater adventures await with these cute DIY hand puppets!


– pattern (octopus, seahorse, snail, ghost crab & starfish)
– Scissors
– Thread
– Pins
– Iron/Ironing board
– Sewing machine
– pinking shears


1. cut our your pattern – leaving the front and back connected at the top
(as the pattern shows).


2. flip the puppet so the right sides of the fabric are together.


3. pin puppet.


4. start sewing and leave the bottom open.


5. flip the puppets inside out.

6. trim the bottom with the pinking shears.


7. ENJOY!!


DIY: “Witches, Goblins and Ghouls OH MY!” Chalkboard




Wanted to do something different this year for our Halloween door decoration and I have been loving all the chalkboard type I have been seeing so I decided to combine both.


Materials you will need: 

1. “free” template pdf below

2. board ( I used press board from my local hardware store)

3. black paint (I used “Martha Stewart Living” Textured Metallic Paint from Home Depot)

4. white chalk

5. wet erase chalk marker

6. scissors & tape

7. saw (table or mitre)

8. black glitter & glitter glue (both from Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels)

9. string and wire (floral)

10. eye hooks (2) and framing wire

11. black card stock paper


STEP 1: Print out the “free” template below to the size you will need (my final size was 8” x 17”).

cut your board to your final template size – we used a table saw (a mitre saw would work too) and apply the black paint.

STEP 2: On the back side of your template scribble with white chalk over all the text & ornaments.

STEP 3: Turn your template over and line it up with the front of your coffin board. Trace over the letters using a pen or pencil.

after tracing this is what the board will look like.

STEP 4: Take your chalk marker and trace over your letters and ornaments.

STEP 5: Trace your bats onto black card stock paper and cut out.

STEP 6: Apply glitter glue to the bats and cover with black glitter.

STEP 7: After the bats dry attach the thin wire to the back using tape.

STEP 8: Attach the eye hooks on the back (I placed mine just a couple inches down from the top).

STEP 9: Loop string through the eye hooks to hang.

STEP 10: Attach the bat wires to the back of the board with tape so they float above the coffin.


Happy Halloween!!


FREE “Faux Halloween Chalkboard” template:




DIY: Glitter Monster Bow Ties (boys like glitter too…)

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when I got the email from Martha’s office to work on a craft, I jumped at the chance!

I have been in love with Martha Stewart Craft’s at Michaels for quite some time now.

So what to do with my big box of crafts…

with so many crafts out there for little girls I thought Henry (my 3 year old son) would love something with glitter and Halloween is right around the corner so why not a glitter monster bow tie.

Supplies I used:

1. Martha Stewart Craft’s 12 pack bright color glitter

2. Martha Stewart Craft’s glittering glue

3. Martha Stewart Craft’s multi-surface satin “wedding cake” paint

4. cutting knife

5. balsa wood (I used the 1/16 x 3 x 24 in board)

6. pin back

7. cutting mat

8. glue gun

9. pencil

10. small tip paint brush

1. Print the “free” template below and cut out your favorite monster.

2. Trace bow tie onto balsa wood.

3. Carefully cut out bow tie with cutting knife.

4. scribble back for easy transfer of eyes & mouth.

5. Flip the template over and line it up with the bow tie with a pencil trace over the eyes and teeth.

6. Paint eyes and teeth. I used “wedding cake” multi-surface satin paint by Martha Stewart Craft’s – let paint dry before applying glitter.

7. Use the Martha Stewart Craft’s Glitter Glue to go over the base of the bow tie except for the white eyes & teeth.

8. Apply the glitter.

9. I used the smaller tip glitter glue for the mouth and eye details.

10. After everything is dry flip over the bow tie and hot glue your pin back.

Henry loves his new Glitter Monster bow Tie.

Free Monster Bow Tie template:




Henry turns 3!

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Little Henry turned 3 this past weekend – so it was time for his white shirt photo.
Hoping to have a little flip book of him growing into his white button down when he turns 18.