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DIY: “Witches, Goblins and Ghouls OH MY!” Chalkboard




Wanted to do something different this year for our Halloween door decoration and I have been loving all the chalkboard type I have been seeing so I decided to combine both.


Materials you will need: 

1. “free” template pdf below

2. board ( I used press board from my local hardware store)

3. black paint (I used “Martha Stewart Living” Textured Metallic Paint from Home Depot)

4. white chalk

5. wet erase chalk marker

6. scissors & tape

7. saw (table or mitre)

8. black glitter & glitter glue (both from Martha Stewart Crafts at Michaels)

9. string and wire (floral)

10. eye hooks (2) and framing wire

11. black card stock paper


STEP 1: Print out the “free” template below to the size you will need (my final size was 8” x 17”).

cut your board to your final template size – we used a table saw (a mitre saw would work too) and apply the black paint.

STEP 2: On the back side of your template scribble with white chalk over all the text & ornaments.

STEP 3: Turn your template over and line it up with the front of your coffin board. Trace over the letters using a pen or pencil.

after tracing this is what the board will look like.

STEP 4: Take your chalk marker and trace over your letters and ornaments.

STEP 5: Trace your bats onto black card stock paper and cut out.

STEP 6: Apply glitter glue to the bats and cover with black glitter.

STEP 7: After the bats dry attach the thin wire to the back using tape.

STEP 8: Attach the eye hooks on the back (I placed mine just a couple inches down from the top).

STEP 9: Loop string through the eye hooks to hang.

STEP 10: Attach the bat wires to the back of the board with tape so they float above the coffin.


Happy Halloween!!


FREE “Faux Halloween Chalkboard” template:



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