Cowboy Birthday Party


Had a lot of fun working on all the little details for Henry’s 3rd birthday party – hee haw!


Henry turns 3!

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Little Henry turned 3 this past weekend – so it was time for his white shirt photo.
Hoping to have a little flip book of him growing into his white button down when he turns 18.




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today i’m sharing a simple way to revamp a plain straw bag that I recently picked up in the $1.00 bin at target.


-straw bag


– buttons

– material (used black cotton)

– scissors

-hot glue gun

– skewer (needlepoint needle, pencil, or anything that can poke through the straw bag will also work)

I used all black but any color would look great.


Step 1: tear strips of fabric (mine was about two inches wide and different lengths)

Step 2: using your skewer poke fabric strip through the top rim of the bag

Step 3: pull half of the fabric strip through the bag

Step 4: tie the strip in a knot and continue doing this all the way around the top of the bag.

Step 5: cut ribbon and poke ends into the bag where the mouth should go

Step 6: glue center of ribbon down

Step 7: apply hot glue to the buttons

Step 8: position the buttons right above the ribbon mouth and hold for a few seconds.

have fun & enjoy!!